Radioactive Material Transportation & Storage Consulting

J. Gary Lanthrum is the principal engineer (B.S. in nuclear engineering) for the RAMTASC sole proprietorship.  This small business provides specialized support for all phases of radioactive material transportation, storage and disposal projects.  From strategy development to business modeling, NEPA preparation, technology reviews and guidance, regulatory support, project planning, stakeholder involvement, through project execution and closeout you won't find a more experienced radioactive material management specialist.  The following list of skills and experience is applied to all of the projects that RAMTASC supports:

  • Program/Project Management - More than 42 years experience developing viable project plans, building project baselines and integrating project planning with corporate business systems.  Gary offers business and project planning and performance assessments using both DOE compliant project management tools, and the project, risk and performance tools of the Project Management Institute;
  • Business Modeling – 14 years of experience developing business plans and financial models for complex transportation, storage and disposition activities affecting spent nuclear fuel.  Gary has a unique understanding of the current funding process for SNF storage (through a judgement fund administered by DOJ) and how that could play in business models for alternative SNF management. Gary has developed conceptual designs for consolidated SNF storage facilities with, and without bare fuel handling capabilities;
  • NEPA – Experience as program manager for major environmental impact statements from initial public scoping through data collection and analysis, to issuing the final records of decision. Gary has also helped the private sector develop comprehensive environmental reports.  Whatever your NEPA challenge, RAMTASC is positioned to help you succeed;
  • Expert testimony – Having provided testimony for Congressional hearings, Gary can provide expert guidance on successful messaging when developing and presenting testimony on contentious topics;
  • Transportation Planning – 22 years of experience managing complex shipments of radioactive materials and waste.  As the SES Director of the Office of National Transportation for the Yucca Mountain Repository, Gary crafted core policy decisions on how shipments will be conducted.  His working relationship with the Federal Railroad Administration, the Association of American Railroads and key vendors offering radioactive shipments, Gary can help plan your shipments with full knowledge of the regulations, and extant technical capabilities.
  • Communications – More than 20 years spent honing communications with senior decision makers, technical audiences and stakeholder communities allows Gary to guide development and implementation of your communications plans.  Gary is well versed in new media communications as well as traditional written, oral and formal presentation techniques. Let RAMTASC help you craft your message and manage expectations with core stakeholder groups.  Proper communications can influence things you can’t control.