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Locations of NRC
licensed SNF storage

 Locations of operating radioactive waste disposal facilities (DOE & Commercial)


The loss of Yucca Mountain does not end work on spent nuclear fuel (SNF) disposition, it merely changes the scope and timing for that work.  Work to prepare SNF for disposition will continue, but uncertainty over disposition pathways and acceptance criteria creates strategic and operational planning challenges. Is your company prepared to address those challenges? For the national policy developments you cannot control, are you applying your best efforts to influence outcomes in ways that will be helpful?


Have you considered how increased emphasis on fissile and special nuclear material management from the World Nuclear Summit creates opportunities broader application of radioactive material management services?  Are you positioning yourself to take advantage of this shift in the marketplace?


RAMTASC offers strategic, operational and business planning services to help your company maximize its influence over aspects of the radioactive material management market that it does not control.  We can halp you analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) in this changing environment.


Once you have selected a course of action, we provide project planning and project performance tracking systems to ensure your changes are impemented effectively. A key offering in this area is integration of business and project management systems to ensure project efforts are tracked and controlled in ways that blend seamlessly with your business processes. 


If you are serious about maximizing your performance in a changing marketplace, you need a capable change agent to facilitate your transition.  If you are ready to sponsor real change in your company and are looking for help with the process, contact RAMTASC.