Resume Summary

I have 34 years of experience as a nuclear engineer working on private, military and civilian government nuclear programs.  My career path has involved a steady progression in responsibility and authority.  As my résumé chronology shows, I have worked on many branches of the nuclear energy industry including licensing, utility operations, ship repair, weapons programs, radwaste and special nuclear material programs.  My key skill sets include:



Chronological Listing of Positions Held and Key Accomplishments:



Principal Engineer, Radioactive Material Transportation and Storage Consultants, RAMTASC 8/10 - Present


With the dismantlement of the Yucca Mountain Program, I chose to retire from federal service.  I am currently providing consulting support for private sector nuclear energy and non-proliferation initiatives.  My near term obligations are to provide policy and strategic planning guidance to the private sector for spent nuclear fuel disposition alternatives now that Yucca Mountain has been removed as an option. 




Director, DOE Office of Logistics Management (OLM) 8/03 – 8/10

This Office resided within DOE’s Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Program and was created to develop the transportation system for shipping spent nuclear fuel to Yucca Mountain.  My responsibilities included program management for transportation capital projects, start-up testing and operations of a major radioactive waste transportation system. My key achievements included:


Director, DOE National Transportation Program (NTP) 11/01–8/03

As Director, I oversaw a suite of radioactive material transportation and packaging services my office provided to DOE, including satellite tracking of Transuranic (TRU) Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel shipments. My key achievements included:



Project Manager for Special Nuclear Material, 11/98–11/01. 

Prior to managing the NTP, I served as a project manager with responsibility for integrating DOE’s packaging and shipping requirements for special nuclear materials (SNM) transported in DOE’s secure transportation system.  My key achievements included:



Radioactive Waste Engineer 1/95 – 11/98


I Provided DOE oversight for radioactive and mixed radioactive waste management and pollution prevention activities at DOE weapons laboratory sites.  This included integrated planning and budgeting and development of effective waste management metrics. My key achievements included:


Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Project Engineer & Branch Chief, 7/81 – 12/94

As a Project Engineer I coordinated the nuclear engineering aspects of refueling overhauls for surface ships and submarines.  Working as the Special Nuclear Projects branch Chief I had the lead for developing submarine inactivation procedures.  My achievements included:



Licensing Engineer for Portland General Electric 6/75–8/80

Immediately after college I started work on the Trojan Plant Safety Analysis Report and worked on plant start-up once the license was received in 1975.  My key accomplishments included:






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